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    Players Strike Back at Gold Farmers

    Gold farming companies are simply companies that hire players to play the games, pool the gold resources, then sell them to individual players for real world currency. The practice has been around since the emergence of Ultima On-Line and possibly before. People love taking shortcuts. Who has time to sit around and earn one thousand gold in a game when they can pay a little more each month on their credit card for it? The problem is, these companies cross lines in harassing players about their wares.I am an older man, by World of Warcraft standards, and I understand the importance of time away from being the person you have…

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    Dragon Age Origins & Awakening: An Excellent RPG for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

    My Overall Score: 9.5Game Stop Score : 9.5Hours (40+) of in depth storyline, with witty and amusing background conversations between your companions. You can literally stop and just listen to them banter for quite awhile. Depending who you have in your party will determine what conversations are being discussed and what they may wish to speak to you about in your camp. The main game Origins takes place as you create your character, able to choose between Human, Elf, Dwarf, depending on their background story you have 6 possible different beginning stories to start with. Each story gives you a good idea as to how your character grew up, what…