Runescape RWT Methods!!!

Firstly for all the methods stated below ACCOUNT A will be the account giving the money and ACCOUNT B will be the account receiving the money.
The first method would be using pharoah’s sceptres. This is one of the most effective methods of transfering money and some people refer to this as G.E. abuse. Firstly you will need a decent amount of money on each account and they will both have to be members. (P2p players)

Account B buys as many Sceptres(1) as he can for lowest price. The reason the sceptre will buy out is because who buys a sceptre with one charge left on it? Account A then buys all the sceptres for medium price. Account A then can either try and resell it back to the G.E or he could recharge it with trinkets at the mummy in the desert. Account B will then have made the margin of lowest price to medium.

The second method requires both account to be p2p players also. Account A brings the money to be transferred to the wildy or the elf lands. (WHERE THE WHITEBERRIES ARE, SEARCH GOOGLE TO FIND LOCATION). Account B also goes there. This is simple. All account B has to do is pick up the whiteberries spawning there and trade it to account a for max price. Account A simply drops the whiteberries received after giving the money. Keep doing this as fast as you can. The faster you do it the more money is transferred per hour.

The third method is also relatively similar to the second and it also requires both accounts to be members on Runescape. Take both accounts to the Kalphite lair in the desert and as usual bring the money being transferred on account A. Take them to the Kalphite Soldier area where potato cactuses spawn and wait for 15 minutes till the soldiers stop being agressive towards you. Now do the same as above. E.g. Pick up cactus, trade to Account B and repeat.

The fourth method can be done with any accounts. This requires you to be in touch with the market of runescape. Find an item that is crashing extremely badly. A really good way of finding this is to go to world 2 and find a merching clan. There will be many people advertising their merching clans in hope of getting a rank in the clan. Join the clan chat and find out what item they are merching. The way it works is that everyone in the clan buys the item for max so the price of the item rises by alot which is where they sell and earn money. The thing is when everyone dumps/sells their item, the price of the item crashes. It crashes below the original price of the item. This just means that everyone will be selling that item for minimum price when the clan has dumped the item. This is where Account B buys as much of the item as possible for MIN price and sells to account A for medium. There is a limit on how many of the item you can buy per hour. You can switch between clans to find different items and find the one which earns the most money. You can keep doing this becasue everyone will continue to sell for minimum until the price begins to stabalise. The thing about this is after some time the item will return back to it’s original state which is when Account A sells the item back to the GE and gets the money back. It is also possible to make a profit on Account A depending on whether the item gets back it it’s original price and/or above.