OSRS Vorkath Guide

Vorkath was actually a good replacement since Zulrah got nerfed, and a lot of players started considering it as a good OSRS Money making method. Even though you need high stat requirements to face the dragon, the rewards are completely worth it as compared to the other solo bosses on Old School RuneScape. So, let’s move forward with the guide for a better insight into what you’re about to face.

Thing You Need to Know Prior To Facing-Off the Beast

The only thing that stands between you and Vorkath osrs is the quest Dragon Slayer 2, which requires you to have 200 Quest Points, 68 Mining, 70 Smithing, 75 Magic, and good enough combat stats in order to complete it. At the end of the fight, you will without a doubt battle against Vorkath, but once the boss is defeated, you can access the area and repeat the fight without any limitations. Another plus point is that once you’ve reached a sufficient kill count of 50, you can upgrade your Ava’s Accumulator and make it the best-in-slot cape used for Ranged.

Vorkath is not a safe boss. If you’re an Ironman, you’ll end up losing your status, and if you’re a normal player, you will for sure lose your items upon death. Now let’s get into the OSRS Vorkath guide.

Gear & Inventory Setup

The best way to defeat Vorkath osrs is by Ranging (alternative to a vorkath melee guide) it because nothing beats the Dragon Hunter Crossbow while fighting with a dragon variant beast. DHC provides a 20% accuracy and damage boost to its wielder, and with the help of an Imbued Slave Amulet and Full Elite Void Knight set, you can cause a great deal of damage to the boss. However, Armadyl Equipment would still be a better option in terms of its defensive and offensive bonuses.

Gear Setup: Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Dragon Fire Ward, Enchanted Ruby Dragon Bolts, Elite Void or Armadyl Equipment (Head, Body, and Legs), Borrows Gloves or Void Knight Gauntlets, Slave or Fury Amulet, Imbued Archers’ Ring, and Blessed Dragon Hide Boots or Pegasian Boots.

Inventory Setup: Anti-Venom+ x1, Prayer Potions x3, Extended Super Anti-Fire Potions x1, Bastion Potion x1, Food (possibly the best), Teleportation Tablets, Runes to cast Crumble Undead spell, Bandos God Sword (to lower the defense), and Bone Crossbow (to lower the defense). You can also bring Ancient Mace (to leech prayer points), Saradomin Sword (to help with healing), and Dragon Warhammer (to lower the defense). However, these three are optional.

The Fight

Right before you start the fight, attack Vorkath with a special attack from either a Dragon Warhammer or a Bone Crossbow to lower his defense. You can also choose to use the Ancient Mace’s special attack to restore your Prayer points from the last fight. Make sure that you have Protect from Magic from the beginning of the fight to reduce the intense damage from his attacks.

Once the fight begins, he can attack you with fire attacks like a normal dragon, and these attacks can easily be negated with the help of an Anti-fire potion or Dragon Fire Shield. He can inflict Dragon Fire onto you, which is also venomous and causes severe damage if you don’t have an Anti-venom ready. Some of his fire attacks can also shut your prayer off, so keep an eye out and switch it back on instantly if that happens. Other than that, you’ll have to always dodge his vertical Dragon Fire attacks that can result in instant death, and watch out for the following; he’ll melee swipe if he’s close enough, he’ll attack with a blue magic spell or spiked projectile that can be blocked with the right prayer protection.

Tips & Tricks

During the battle against Vorkath, there’ll be a phase where you will have to avoid continuous pools of poisons, along with a barrage of his fire attacks. The pattern is basically moving back and forth to avoid the damage, and you can easily figure that out with a few tries.

While you’re avoiding the poisonous pool and fire barrages, you can still continue to damage the boss by clicking on him and then the tiles to move ahead.

The spell Crumble Undead is cast when Vorkath spawns a zombified creature. In any case, if you don’t cast it on time, the creature will explode and cause a great deal of damage to you.

The ticks and switches can get a little confusing during the fight. So, a good alternative would be to camp the Protect from Missiles prayer, while having your shield with you to help with extra defense.

After every fight, grab the loot, teleport out, recover your stats, and re-gear accordingly. However, if you have enough supplies that can help your out for another round, then you simple re-awaken the boss by clicking on him. It’s not suggested, until or until you’re a skilled player who has good experience.