Dragon Age Origins & Awakening: An Excellent RPG for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

My Overall Score: 9.5
Game Stop Score : 9.5
Hours (40+) of in depth storyline, with witty and amusing background conversations between your companions. You can literally stop and just listen to them banter for quite awhile. Depending who you have in your party will determine what conversations are being discussed and what they may wish to speak to you about in your camp.

The main game Origins takes place as you create your character, able to choose between Human, Elf, Dwarf, depending on their background story you have 6 possible different beginning stories to start with. Each story gives you a good idea as to how your character grew up, what they have learned, and how those around you perceive other races. You can be a Warrior, Rogue, or a Mage, with several subclasses for each.

As you play the game you gain influence with your party members, gifts and the way you answer them, as well as your deeds with others determine how well they get along with you. Warning: Some of the members of your party will leave you if you anger them to much.

This game has a Romantic side as well. You are able to as either a male or female, be able to interact and romance with several different characters. A fun little side quest as many activities your partake in will determine various things throughout the game, including the outcome at the end. A fair warning though, you can be romantic with more than one person at a time, but it may not be liked.

Graphics Score: 9

The graphics in this game are wonderful, you can change it down if your PC can not handle it at max, but if you can run it with everything high you will be in amazement. The details put in from the characters, to even the details of the world and monsters and even how the items look when equipped to your person.

Sound Score: 9

Amazing music and conversation, the only downside is the fact during battles your volume will seem to rise, and then during conversation they may seem to be whispering.

Replay Value: 10

In order to unlock all of the trophies you will have to at least play through this game several different times. Especially if you enjoy trying to get all different aspects. Another reason for wonderful replay aspect, You can play through and make different decisions and impact the world. Everything you do in Origins is followed through with Awakening expansion.

Expansion Packs: 10

The main Expansion pack is Awakening, which is another game with its own aspects, about 30 hours + of game play and new characters to use. You can import your Origins character or you can create a new character.